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Quick Facts

Total area (incl. water): 1.82 million sq. km
Population: 126.6 million
GDP (at current prices): $73 billion
Av. GDP per capita: $506
Source: EAC Facts & Figures Report 2013
For all stats, go to EAC Statistics Website

Julius Kambarage Nyerere

"Even after Nyerere had stepped down from public office in his own country, we benefited from his leadership and wise counsel, in pursuit of development, peace and justice not only in our countries, our region and our continent, but throughout the world." ~ Nelson Mandela

Training Programmes

Aim at educating and sensitizing youth on the benefits and challenges of integration, sharing experience of different cultures, best learning practices ... READ MORE

Youth Engagement

Youth  Ambassadors carry out activities in their respective universities  such as establishing EAC Youth Clubs to sensitize fellow peers on the EAC...READ MORE

Students' Debate

A platform aimed at promoting continuous dialogue among the youth and interest them in advocating for regional integration... READ MORE

Peace & Security

Research, training and information that contribute to deepening and widening of integration in areas of peace & security, good governance... READ MORE